Toxic Bitchcraft


Jinxed: Toxic Bitchcraft Book One

Never cross a Craft witch...


Christi Craft is the name and being witchy is my game!


I own a little shop in rural Salem, filled with all manner of fun things; priceless heirlooms, cursed artifacts, bath bombs, Spills (magically spelled pills, if you get my drift). You know, harmless things.


However, Milo James, a sexy AF Warlock Warden, disagrees. He's always giving me citations and fines for selling my cursed artifacts to humans who don't know any better. I’ve known him most of my life, and he sees me as a little sister – at least, that’s how he treats me. Damn it…


If that's not enough, Arlo, my Incubus lover, suddenly wants more from me than just an occasional roll in the sheets, and I have to deal with this poltergeist I unknowingly acquired with a recent purchase. He's demanding I solve his murder. What he doesn't seem to grasp is that I suck at being a witch.


But things aren't what they seem when it comes to this spirit, and I'm not sure I can help him on my own. With or without my power.


**This is a REVERSE HAREM romance filled with laughs, lust, and a whole lot of foul language. You’ve been warned.**

Spelled: Toxic Bitchcraft Book Two

Christi Craft is the name, and being witchy is probably not as much of my game as I lead you to believe…

I thought my troubles were as bad as they could get. I was so wrong.

-I was hexed by my mother.
-I accidentally put an annoying, fae ghost named Button

(okay, his name is Beauregard) into a woman’s body. 
-Orrin, my sexy and not so ex Incubus lover, knows more about

why my magic is so finicky than he’s letting on AND seems to be in cahoots with my mother about it all.
-And Milo, the ever sweet Warden Warlock,

isn’t backing down now that we’ve slept together.

But things are about to get a lot more complicated when secrets start to unravel,

lies continue to be told, and hearts are put to the test. 

Life might be at least a little bit easier if Shakes would just stop talking...

**This is a REVERSE HAREM romance filled with laughs, lust, and a whole lot of foul language.

I warned you in the last book, so you should know better by now.**


Meet the inspiration behind the Toxic Bitchcraft Books

Let's face it, every girl loves a good bath bomb and some luxurious soaps. All it took was on of Christi's Toxic Bitch Craft bath bombs and I was hooked. Now, I've not only found a new friend in her, but we are working on a collaboration for the series as well. Check out POPnatural on etsy for all your bath wants and needs!! You won't regret it!

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